Thing 24

January 30, 2009

Yay!! The really final thing!

Before I downloaded my e-audiobook I played with the player a little. Because I did not read the instructions it took me awhile to learn how to make it play. Also, for awhile I thought that there were no ways to skip tracks…. until I discovered it by accident. Turns out that the plus and minus buttons double as volume AND skip/ go back. I thought that I would not need the instructions since I already have an iPod, but maybe I should have actually read them.

So that was the hard part of the 24th thing. Transfering an e-audiobook from Overdrive to the player was a piece of cake. I am looking forward to when I can do this for my iPod (soon, yay!). I had already installed and dowloaded an e-audiobook for a previous thing, so that part was already done. I just hit transfer and that was it. Piece of cake.


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