The end!

January 11, 2009

Yay! I made it to thing 23! I think that this program was good at exposing staff to wide variety of web 2.0 tools and to library 2.0.

My favorite discovery was Zoho Creator. I am excited about my little movie database. I only wish that I had more spare time to add things to it! The web 2.0 awards was also a great discovery because there are so many great sites to explore. A friend and I used cocktail builder, and I am sure that I will use several other sites that won as well.

This program aided my lifelong learning a little. I cannot say that it aided it a lot since I already knew about/used most of the websites that we played with. Those that I did not use/ know about I probably would have found out about from either a friend or through surfing the net. Although, I will say that it probably would have been awhile before I found that library dominoes youtube video!

I think that a way to improve it would be to get more people to stick with it. Many staff members started it, but it seems that a lot less are finishing. Maybe having one thing a week would be better and allow people to stay on top of it. That would mean that it would take a lot longer to finish though.


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