January 11, 2009

I have never used CC’s downloadable audiobook program before for two reasons:

1. I rarely listen to audiobooks. I have listened to a grand total of five complete audiobooks in my entire life. I am a music addict, so that is what I prefer to listen to. I have checked out other audiobooks, but I never made it past the first disc. Maybe one day I will love audiobooks….

2. I have an iPod and the e-audiobooks do not work on them. If I was to download one, I would like to transfer it to my iPod. But, with the free mp3 player I guess this reason will no longer be true. Still, I am excited that the system is going to offer some mp3 titles instead of just WMA. This will allow the many iPod owners to use Overdrive.

Even though I do not really listen to audiobooks, it was good for me to use Overdrive. Having downloaded an audiobook will allow me to be more knowledgable when I tell patrons about it. First I downloaded the Media Console, which was easy. Then I downloaded the Sherlock Holmes Theatre, which won an Audie award in 2006. It is a couple of Sherlock Holmes plays that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. I downloaded it because I like Sherlock Holmes and I had never read/seen these plays before. It was very easy, and I would encourage anyone who likes audiobooks to use Overdrive.


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