December 31, 2008

I had never heard of Zoho before this exercise. I am glad that I found out about it! I am not ecstatic over the Zoho Writer; it is not that different from Google docs. What I AM happy about is Zoho Creator. I have no idea how I ended up there…. it is not easy to get to from the zoho writer section.

The reason I love it is because I can make a database/ application-esque thing. I do not have Microsoft Access on my laptop and I have been looking for a way to make a kind of database to keep track of my movies. I was able to do that finally with Zoho Creator! Yes, I could have made a simple spreadsheet of my movies in Excel, but having a form is just much nicer to me. Now I can catalog my movies!!

Ok, so this blog has not really been about the Zoho writer. Basically, if you are going to edit your docs in more than one place you should use Zoho or google docs. Likewise if you are working on a group doc (or use a wiki!). If you do not want to spend money on MS Office, use Zoho or Google docs or get open office. If you do not fall into those three categories, then it is not applicable to you.


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