web 2.0 awards

December 31, 2008

I see familiar names, del.icio.us, google docs, pbwiki, twitter, bloglines, technorati, zoho, flickr, facebook, youtube, etc. Some of the others that we have not gone over in the 23 things most internet users are aware of: craigslist, google earth, yahoo! answers, etc.

I think that I will mention an award winner that I have been aware of for a year but others may not be aware of. Myxer is a great way to get ringtones. You can upload a song or choose a ringtone that someone else uploaded. You select the portion of the song that you want as your ringtone. And then they send it to you and you set it as your ringtone! All it costs is the cost of textmessage.

A site that I was excited about was MOG. It is the third place winner for music. I had heard of last.fm and pandora before, but not MOG. It looks like a good site. Another music / social networking site for those of you interested in such things is lala. It used to be a site focused on trading cds with one another and now it has morphed into a place where you can upload your music library so that you can hear it from any computer, download music, look at friend’s music, find new music, etc.

I also think that I will use the cocktail builder website…. Sometimes I just need a drink after dealing with computer problems and library science classwork. 😉


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