December 30, 2008

Technorati is a great resource for finding blogs and seeing what others are looking at or linking to. I found that there is quite a bit about library 2.0 in the blogosphere. There are 5,285 posts that mention library 2.0; 1,244 blog posts that were tagged library 2.0; and 630 blogs that focus on library 2.0. The blogs that focused on libraries and emerging technologies or library 2.0 were the most relevant. The results that found library 2.0 anywhere in the posts were not very useful. They did not really deal with library 2.0. The posts that were tagged library 2.0 were also relevant and interesting.

The popular searches are what surprised me. Jennifer Garner was number 4…. but she has not had any new movie, controversy, pregnancy, news, etc. in months. Some of the other ones were not a surprise at all. Cheat-codes was number 6, and I know that many gamers blog about different codes and tricks for games. It would make sense for gamers to check blogs for cheat codes.


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