library 2.0

December 30, 2008

Library 2.0 to me means using web 2.0 to connect the library and users in new ways. It gives the library an increased web presence and allows the users to be more involved and aware of the library.

I think that one of the best reasons for Librarians to know web 2.0 tools is because that is what today’s youth use. David Lee King said, “National trends show that people under age of 30 do 2.0ish things at home and on other websites (hence the popularity of Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, etc, etc, etc.). These people expect the same level of service and freedom when they visit the library. And (probably more important) they also expect the person who works with the library computers ALL DAY LONG (ie, a reference librarian) to understand 2.0ish things, and to be able to answer their questions.” This is from Basic Competencies of a 2.0 Librarian . A lot of these sites are used by all ages now. For example, many internet users have seen at least a couple of youtube videos at some point.

One thing that I think would be an interesting web 2.0 application to our OPAC is allowing people to leave reviews on books and movies. Many people like that about Amazon. It could be another tab in the book display, next to full record.


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