December 22, 2008

Ok, blog about anything technology related……

well….. 3 things:

1. Zamzar File conversion is a great tool for those that need to convert a file from one file type to another. I used it after I had to reinstall Windows on my computer and had not yet reinstalled Office. If I had to open an Excel spreadsheet I would upload it to Zamzar and convert it. They then emailed me the converted spreadsheet. It can take awhile for them to email it to you (ten minutes ish). They do that because they want people to pay to get the faster conversion.

2. Craftster is an online crafting community. It is amazing to see the projects that people have made (amigurami Lord of the Rings, vinyl record purses, fuzzy monster purses, etc). Sometimes people include patterns for how they made something. Also, if you sew, there are pattern reviews.

3. I have been thinking of buying a PS3. It is both a blu-ray player and a gaming system, which seems to be a good combo for me. Blu-ray movies are coming down in price, so I figure I should get a player for them in the next year. Any one have any thoughts on that?


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